The War, A Short Film by Shilo

Posted on Monday, November 12th, 2007 by shilo

The War, A Short Film by Shilo

“The War” is the latest in our roster of experimental work. A short film inspired and backed by the Angels & Airwaves song of the same name, this piece is an example of what we like to call design-infused storytelling. We teamed up with Tom Delonge, perhaps best-known as the lead vocalist/guitarist of Blink 182, as he was conceiving and writing the songs for Angels & Airwaves first album “We Don’t Need to Whisper.” We wrote and directed the short film as a reflection of the song “The War”, and during its inception we had the opportunity to collaborate with Tom very closely. Through intimate conversations and free associations we were creating concepts and designs as he was making the music itself.

In many ways, “The War” unfolds just like it sounds, opening with an epigraph from Sally Kempton reading “It’s hard to fight an enemy who has outposts in your head.” We wanted to portray the struggles between conformity and individuality; the games we play in our own minds; being a pawn in society. The artistry ultimately stems from taking two contrary things and making a third something from their collision.

There are many themes that we touch on in this piece—society, war, politics, and business. The individual’s experience – fear, confidence, and courage. You wake one day to find yourself trudging through the chaos of the battlefield or wading through the bureaucracy of the corporate world. Ultimately, we felt a sense of hope in the infinite possibilities of the cosmos and the realization that most of the adversity lies within our own minds. This was an introspective and thoughtful project for us. “The War” tested us in how we juggle the artistry within our own imaginations. Sometimes what’s in your own head can be the most difficult thing to adequately express.

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The War

Director: Shilo
Design & Production Company: Shilo
Creative Directors: Andre Stringer & Jose Gomez
Design & Animation: Andre Stringer, Jose Gomez, Cassidy Gearhart, Curtis Doss, Marco Giampaolo
Lead 3D Design & Animation: Christopher Fung

3D Design & Animation: Cody Smith & Cedrick Gousse
Design Assistance: Dorian West & Kim Holm
Editor: Nathan Caswell
Director of Photography: Sean Kim
Line producer: Nicole Acacio
Executive Producer: Tracy Chandler

Producer: Jeremy Yaches
In collaboration with: Tom Delonge and Mark Eaton